Course Status

Course Open

As a Precaution with the severe weather warning for Sunday,

The foundation cup is going to be postponed .

Please let anyone you know who has entered.

Now being played on the 5th October,The draw will remain as it is, please put an envelope in if you can't play. Also those who could not play and are now available may still enter closing date will be 28th September. 2 pm


Well gooday one and all, I will explain to you why we are trying a two tee start and hope you will agree with the benefits this has, Firstly we will only tee off the 10th first for one day and for the lower handicap players this will be the first day. We will not tee of before 8.30 which gives you time to prepare for the round also, I have made arrangement's for the kitchen to be open from 7.15 so you will be able to get breakfast before you start, this will also give the green staff time to get the course ready. All games will start before 10.45 and at the worst finish by 4 o/c.
I have arranged for a BBQ both days this will start at around 14.00 to 17.30
It will be a basic BBQ sausage with salad 4 or Burger with salad 5
The ladies will be starting between 10 and 10.30 this means we will all be finished together which will be more sociable and prove what a great club we are.
Also these factors might make more people stay and watch the club champions finish.
I hope you can see what we are trying to achieve, the benefits with the food idea's and getting everyone together, and give this a fair chance.