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Club Championship - 22nd/ 23rd August 2015

As a result of the recent Competition Committee meeting the following has been decided as the basis of this year’s qualification and competition.


Before going further we must thank the President, Ted Purser, for his thoughts and notes on the subject which have been taken into consideration as part of this decision.


These notes refer only to the men’s section as the ladies have set their own qualification criteria.


In an effort to maximise the number of players who can be accommodated on the course, it has been decided to increase the men’s entry to a field of 120 (plus ties) for the Club Championship weekend.  In addition, we are expecting 20-24 ladies to also be in the field.  In discussion and agreement with the Head Professionals, the juniors will play their Championship on another weekend.


Qualification will be carried out in the form of an Order of Merit which will take the best nett scores of the leading 120 men over the various medals and majors between, and including, the Wig Trophy and the Foundation Cup on 9th August 2015.


The best nett scorecard, which you submit for handicapping, in any of the above competitions will be ordered with all of the other potential competitors and, simply, if you are within the top 120 players (plus ties) you will be eligible to play in the Club Championship.


After the Foundation Cup, all eligible players will be asked if they wish to play or are available to play via a sign-up sheet and any places not filled left will be offered to those finishing in 121st, 122nd places and onwards until all places are filled.


The format for the weekend will be;



o      A one tee start commencing at 7.00am with the lowest handicap players leading the field out.

o      Games will be 3-balls

o      Players will be fielded in order of their exact handicap as it stands immediately after the Foundation Cup.

o      The order of the field will be from lowest handicap to highest.

o      The ladies section will be positioned in the middle of the men’s field, also playing in 3 balls, in strict handicap order commencing with the lowest handicap players



o      A one tee start commencing at 7.00am with the highest handicap players leading the field out.

o      Games will be 3-balls

o      Players will be fielded in order of their exact handicap as it stands immediately after the Foundation Cup.

o      The ladies section will be positioned in the middle of the men’s field also going out in 3 balls in strict handicap order commencing with the highest handicap players


The Club Management have confirmed the kitchen will be ready for service at 6.30am and open longer to allow for all golfers coming in after their rounds and there will be a starter and a course marshall for the weekend to keep up the pace of play.


If you have any questions or queries on the foregoing, please approach one of the Competitions Committee of;


         David Storey – Captain

         Paul Salvage – Vice Captain

         Allan Idle

         Gary Coomber

         Nick Bayley

         Kevin Burroughs


who will refer the question back to the Committee if it cannot be immediately answered.

The Competitions Committee

26th March 2015


Position after Wig Trophy Best nett score
1 Matt Coulson 70
2 Malcolm Mclaughlin 72
3 Danny Morris 72
4 Frank Young 72
5 Mike Crabb 73
6 Stuart Farrell 74
7 Simon Andrews 75
8 Keith Franklin 75
9 Barry Fudge 75
10 Ken Alborough 76
11 Graham Biggin 76
12 Jordan Cantwell 76
13 Nick Horne 76
14 Martin Howes 76
15 Tony Hyne 76
16 Perry Ives 76
17 Peter Laws 76
18 Stuart Wickham 76
19 James Simpson 77
20 Chris Coulson 78
21 Richard Crook 78
22 Peter Greene 78
23 Chris Stevens 78
24 Andy Bottrill 79
25 Steve Brown 79
26 Wayne Crossfield 79
27 John Cullinan 79
28 Steve Nicholls 79
29 Simon Rasho 79
30 Dave Washer 79
31 Mike Anscombe 80
32 Richard Brooker 80
33 Richard Elvin 80
34 Bob Flood 80
35 Craig Jeffrey 80
36 Ted Purser 80
37 Abe Rutherford 80
38 David Storey 80
39 Steve Wadeson 80
40 John Arnold 81
41 Leigh Davis 81
42 Sam Elvin 81
43 Clive Hattersley 81
44 Allan  Idle 81
45 Ben Tree 81
46 Steve Woolhead 81
47 Barry Allen 82
48 Steve Bartley 82
49 Roy Gale 82
50 Andy Moore 82
51 Mark Nicholls 82
52 Steve Nokes 82
53 Vince Parker 82
54 Peter Rayment 82
55 Dave Baldock 83
56 Nick Bayley 83
57 Mark Earl 83
58 Derek Fransham 83
59 Elliot Ives 83
60 Dan Jeffrey 83
61 Paul Salvage 83
62 Duncan Willis 83
63 Andy Wood 83
64 Kevin Cook 84
65 David Nixon 84
66 Kevin Wilson 84
67 Trenton Bridge 85
68 John Denton 85
69 Bill Gordon 85
70 Frank Parr 85
71 James Howes 86
72 John Postlethwaite 86
73 Darren Read 86
74 Ian Reader 86
75 Kevin Burroughs 89
76 John May 89
77 Francis McMahon 89
78 Bill Thompson 89
79 Scott Goldsmith 90
80 Steve  Ronketti 93


Dear Member,

As of the 31st January 2015 a single tee start system will be introduced. Anyone wanting to play 18 holes at the weekend will therefore start from the 1st hole, those wishing to only play 9 holes will be able to start from the 10th hole up and until the first members group from the 1st hole arrive.

This decision has been taken to alleviate the current issues arising from golfers integrating from the 18th hole to the 1st hole. Operating a one-tee start enables us to manage the tee sheet far more efficiently, thus allowing members to have confidence that they will tee off on time. To aid this transition, our tee times will change from 9-minute to 8-minute intervals; this allows us to gain an extra tee time per hour.

Also, the 1st hole will become a compulsory “call up” hole, this is to try and avoid golfers waiting on the tee until the green has cleared.

In addition, we are making earlier tee times available to the membership, these times will of course vary throughout the year due to sunrise times changing.  The first tee available in the height of the summer will be 7.00am.

The Senior Management Team understands totally that these fundamental changes may not necessarily meet with everyone’s approval, however we truly believe that the new tee time system is in the best interest of the Golf Club as a whole. It will take a short time for the membership to adjust to these changes; during this period we would appreciate your cooperation and patience. 

The processes of booking tee times remain the same. Should you have any queries or concerns please speak to a member of the professional staff in the Pro Shop.

Many thanks in advance.

Senior Management Team – Redlibbets Golf club


Competition Rules at Redlibbets


From 1st January 2010 the following local rule for Major Competitions at Redlibbets Golf Club will be introduced.

To win any club honour board competition (men/ladies/mixed), players must have submitted three monthly medal / stableford cards in the six months prior to the event.

Inactive players, away members, and juniors with a double figure handicap.

The above members are all entitled to play in competitions that they qualify for, but are unable to win.

The criteria would be that if there are spaces within the competition, if the competition is not full.

Eligible players should have first refusal.

Juniors should be encouraged to play in all competitions.

Active / Inactive Handicaps.

Congu Rules from 1st January 2010.

Players will be required to submit 3 qualifying scores in a calendar year to maintain an active handicap.

Inactive handicaps may be used for social golf but may not allow into competitions e.g. open competitions which stipulate an active handicap as an entry criteria.

A qualifying score for the purposes of the above congu rules is any individual stroke play qualifying competition card returned.

Revised by the Committee 24/04/2014