Course Open


Temporary local rule.

Pick and clean throughout the course, exept in a hazard.

If in the rough pick clean and drop.


Dear Member,

As of the 31st January 2015 a single tee start system will be introduced. Anyone wanting to play 18 holes at the weekend will therefore start from the 1st hole, those wishing to only play 9 holes will be able to start from the 10th hole up and until the first members group from the 1st hole arrive.

This decision has been taken to alleviate the current issues arising from golfers integrating from the 18th hole to the 1st hole. Operating a one-tee start enables us to manage the tee sheet far more efficiently, thus allowing members to have confidence that they will tee off on time. To aid this transition, our tee times will change from 9-minute to 8-minute intervals; this allows us to gain an extra tee time per hour.

Also, the 1st hole will become a compulsory “call up” hole, this is to try and avoid golfers waiting on the tee until the green has cleared.

In addition, we are making earlier tee times available to the membership, these times will of course vary throughout the year due to sunrise times changing.  The first tee available in the height of the summer will be 7.00am.

The Senior Management Team understands totally that these fundamental changes may not necessarily meet with everyone’s approval, however we truly believe that the new tee time system is in the best interest of the Golf Club as a whole. It will take a short time for the membership to adjust to these changes; during this period we would appreciate your cooperation and patience. 

The processes of booking tee times remain the same. Should you have any queries or concerns please speak to a member of the professional staff in the Pro Shop.

Many thanks in advance.

Senior Management Team – Redlibbets Golf club


Competition Rules at Redlibbets


From 1st January 2010 the following local rule for Major Competitions at Redlibbets Golf Club will be introduced.

To win any club honour board competition (men/ladies/mixed), players must have submitted three monthly medal / stableford cards in the six months prior to the event.

Inactive players, away members, and juniors with a double figure handicap.

The above members are all entitled to play in competitions that they qualify for, but are unable to win.

The criteria would be that if there are spaces within the competition, if the competition is not full.

Eligible players should have first refusal.

Juniors should be encouraged to play in all competitions.

Active / Inactive Handicaps.

Congu Rules from 1st January 2010.

Players will be required to submit 3 qualifying scores in a calendar year to maintain an active handicap.

Inactive handicaps may be used for social golf but may not allow into competitions e.g. open competitions which stipulate an active handicap as an entry criteria.

A qualifying score for the purposes of the above congu rules is any individual stroke play qualifying competition card returned.

Revised by the Committee 24/04/2014