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Competition Rules at Redlibbets



From 1st January 2010 the following local rule for Major Competitions at Redlibbets Golf Club will be introduced.

To win any club honour board competition (men/ladies/mixed), players must have submitted three monthly medal / stableford cards in the six months prior to the event.

Inactive players, away members, and juniors with a double figure handicap.

The above members are all entitled to play in competitions that they qualify for, but are unable to win.

The criteria would be that if there are spaces within the competition, if the competition is not full.

Eligible players should have first refusal.

Juniors should be encouraged to play in all competitions.

Active / Inactive Handicaps.

Congu Rules from 1st January 2010.

Players will be required to submit 3 qualifying scores in a calendar year to maintain an active handicap.

Inactive handicaps may be used for social golf but may not allow into competitions e.g. open competitions which stipulate an active handicap as an entry criteria.

A qualifying score for the purposes of the above congu rules is any individual stroke play qualifying competition card returned.

Revised by the Committee 24/04/2014






Summer Knockout Competitions 2015



To be eligible to play in the knockouts you must have 3 competition cards submitted for handicapping on a rolling 6 month basis.  Competition cards are secured from Monthly medal and stableford play only. 

If at any time you become ineligible to play during the knockout competitions, you (and your partner if it’s a pairs knockout) will be disqualified, without exception. 

If you do not currently have sufficient cards in to be eligible, please make sure you have enough BEFORE the matches begin. 

It is your responsibility to make sure you are eligible to be in the competition at all times 

To clarify this, the following will apply;

A and B, both eligible at the time, play a match, due to meet C in the next round.

A wins but becomes ineligible to play between rounds.  B is not reinstated and A and B are out.

A and B play a match due to meet C in the next round.  A wins but is then found to have been ineligible to have played.  B is reinstated to play C.

 There are set times and dates for each round of the knockout competitions and they will be policed to ensure matches are played by the due date.  Matches not completed in time may result in disqualification for both opponents but this will be at the absolute discretion of the Competitions Committee.


The Competitions Committee

15th April 2015